Arturo Soria Street is in the eastern part of Madrid, it is 5.8 KM long and runs from North to South and is defined as a residential area with unique features known as Ciudad Lineal. Its name comes from a Spanish surveyor and urban planner, known for the design and development of Ciudad Lineal in Madrid. This is why its main artery in the Ciudad Lineal district is named after him.

The area between Alcalá Street and Pinar de Chamartin is characterized by a diligent and harmonious urbanistic planning: Wide streets with three and four story buildings, open spaces, green areas, community gardens and swimming pools. Small buildings built mainly in the last ten years alternate with other emblematic buildings developed towards the end of the 70´s and beginning of the 80´s. In these buildings we find the best properties in the area due to their surface area, quality of construction, green areas and high level of services.


  • The area has excellent transportation services, two metro lines, varied bus routes that can transport you to almost any area of Madrid. It is also well linked to the M-30 and M-40 highway loop.
  • Amenities in the area include, a shopping centre, the Arturo Soria Plaza, where you can find luxury shops and a high-end supermarket. In the dining area of the shopping centre, there are restaurants that offer indoor and outdoor dining experiences both in winter and summer.
  • In the past few years, other supermarkets, such as Mercadona, have opened in the area.
  • The private schools deserve a special mention: The French Lycee, Colegio Arturo Soria, Colegio Santa Maria, Hastings School, Dallington, Colegio Brains etc.. and the music conservatory owned and managed by the Comunidad de Madrid. These all make Arturo Soria an ideal area for families with school aged children.
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